Fan Art Contest
Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question about this contest, please check this page first, as it will be updated frequently. If you do not see your question answered here, you may send an email to

If you send us an email or ask your question on social media, if the answer is already on this page, you may not get a response. 

The Creative Allies team will prioritize reviewing submissions for the contest and supporting any technical difficulties before we respond to questions already included in this list so please look here first!

Is there an age minimum for this contest?

There are no age restrictions at all! Fans of all ages are welcome to submit art for this contest. If you are selected as a winner of concert tickets, and you are under the age of 18, you will need someone 18 or older to accompany you to the concert.

Who is eligible to enter this contest?

Everyone is eligible to enter!  The band has asked us to make sure that all of their fans can participate in this contest. 

How can I win this contest?

There will be a total of 16 winners for this contest which is supporting the North American THE ICY TOUR. The list below was updated on July 11, 2022.
  • 5 winners from outside of the US or Canada will be selected to win Twenty One Pilots merch (staff picks or fan votes).
  • 5 winners will be selected from fan voting to receive 2 complimentary tickets to a show in their city (fan votes).
  • 5  winners will be selected by the band to win a $250 cash prize plus 2 tickets to a show of their choice (runners-up). 
  • 1 US or Canada-based Grand Prize winner will be selected by the band and receive:
    • $1,000 cash prize
    • Hotel and airfare to attend a show on one of the dates below selected by the winner:
      • Wed, 9/7 Nashville, TN – Bridgestone Arena
      • Sat, 9/24 Seattle, WA – Climate Pledge Arena
    • Meet and greet with the band 

How do I submit a design to this contest?

To submit a design, head over to the entry page

When will my design be on the public site (gallery)?

Designs are being reviewed daily. Due to the number of submissions coming in, please allow up to 48 hours before your design is displayed. Please note that when the contest launches and the last weekend of the submission period, we may be delayed due to the number of submissions expected. It may take up to 72 hours during those time periods.

If you do not see your design after 48 hours, there are three likely reasons.

  1. You will be asked by email to make changes to your design to align with the desired brand image. Examples of this are not using the tour branding. The band has asked that the posters use the colors from the tour creative rather than the album creative. The email will specify the requested revision.
  2. Your design may be deemed inappropriate or not suitable for this contest. Examples of this are pictures/images not related to this contest, selfies, text-only with no artistic imagery, or submissions of photos/images with no additional artistic value added by the user. Due to the volume of submissions for this contest, you will not be automatically notified if your design falls into this category.
  3. If you submit a duplicate submission it will not be accepted. Duplicate submissions may be the same design with just color alterations. We are looking for you to submit unique artwork for each of your entries.

Will I be notified when my artwork is approved?

Unfortunately, no. Our system does not allow for individual notifications. We will try our best to get the approvals done in a timely manner but please be patient with us! Once your artwork is approved, it will appear in the gallery, which showcases the art in the order it was submitted (latest first).

What type of art is allowed for this contest?

Digital art or hand-drawn art is acceptable for this contest. You may use online software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, or other similar tools. If your art is hand-drawn, please make sure your submitted file only includes the artwork and no other background images that distract from the art. You may submit a scanned copy or a photograph of your hand-drawn art. Allowed files are .JPG, .JPEG,  and .PNG. We are interested in artwork that can be used as a poster design inspired by the album and tour.

Do we make a poster for a certain city, or just for the tour in general?

The first requirement is for the art to be inspired by the tour, THE ICY TOUR. The second requirement is to include the band’s logo and tour name. It is not required to include any locations for the tour. 

A supporting file was provided, do I have to use this in my submission?

No. The supporting file is provided for reference and guidance for logo use and color. It is not required that these images are added to your submission, but if you do, please used the approved colors. You are free to use the images and materials that best represent the art you want to submit for this contest as long as it is inspired by THE ICY TOUR. However, we are looking for original creations. The more stock photos you use the less chance you will have to win. Also, be careful of using any copyrighted work without permission.

How many creations can I submit?

You can submit as many times as you like, as long as each submission is unique and original. Any duplicate submissions will not be published on the public site.

The submissions are required to be a minimum of 300 dpi, what if my software doesn’t support that?

The resolution required is so that the artwork can be adjusted to larger sizes. You may submit what you can. However, if the file is not readable, or does not show clearly, it will not be added to the public site.

What file types are allowed?

Allowed files are .JPG, .JPEG,  and .PNG. We are not accepting other file types such as .ai or .psd due to the size and the overall number of submissions we are expecting.

What size should the submission be?

We are looking to create poster art, sized 18×24 inches (45.72×60.96) for digital art. However, if you are submitting hand-drawn art, we will accept the size of the drawing, but may ask for revisions/adjustments should you be selected as a winner. Your submissions can be sent in a vertical or horizontal format.

We also ask that you compress your file to smaller than 20MB. Since there is so much traffic on the site, larger files are taking time to upload and may time out.

What are you doing about stolen artwork or submissions including copyrighted material?

We are looking for original submissions for this contest. You should not be submitting work using someone else’s creations. Due to the volume of submissions, it will take us time to verify the authenticity of each, which is the reason why submissions are not immediately posted on the public site.

We need YOUR help to police this. As you see the public submissions and if you know the work may be fraudulent, please let us know immediately and we will investigate.

Anyone proven to submit artwork that does not belong to them will be DISQUALIFIED from this contest. Please respect the artwork and talent of others. We are looking for original, authentic artwork only.

Can we add our signatures to the artwork?

Yes. If you would like to sign or print your name, please place it at the very bottom right or left of your submission.

Can I share my submission(s) on my social media?

Yes. Feel free to share your submissions with your friends and followers on social.

Can we use the colors from the album artwork?

The band’s team prefers that only the tour branding is used for the posters as they are looking for fan art based on the tour and not the album. The branding for the tour is shared on the contest page, under design specs.

Is photography allowed?

As long as you own the copyright to the photographs, you may use it in your submission.

Are we allowed to use different fonts and change the way the “The Icy Tour” looks on our poster, or do we have to keep the image and font used already?

We did receive confirmation from the band’s team that it is not required to use the official logo, you are free to be creative in how the tour name looks or not include that at all.

Are there any pre-approved colors we should be using for the Icy Tour poster contest?

Please refer to the supporting file on the contest page.

When can we start voting on the submissions?

Voting will begin on August 1st and run through August 5th!

Does the voting determine who will win?

There will be five winners selected from fan voting. The runners-up and the grand prize winners will be selected by the band and not impacted by the voting results. 

Where do I go to get my questions answered?

You should start here, on this FAQ list. This list will be updated frequently throughout the contest. Many of you are sending in similar questions so it’s best to post the answers here. Also, if you follow @creativeallies on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, we will post updates on social media if we make any changes to the site or to the contest rules.

If you do not get an answer to your question within 48 hours, please check back here. If we receive a similar question multiple times, we will just add the answer to this page and may not answer you directly.

Due to the volume of questions we are receiving, if that answer is already in the FAQs, you may not receive an individual response back. So please share this link with everyone you know that is participating and encourage them to check here often. We appreciate your help in getting the word out.

How does voting work?

Voting for this contest will open on August 1  after all submissions are in. We encourage you to tell all of your friends and family to vote for your submissions. More details will be provided about the voting process as we get closer to the date.

Will there be a meet & greet in my city?

Creative Allies doesn’t have information on the specific pre-show or post-show activities for the band. We recommend that you follow the band on their socials, @twentyonepilots, to stay updated if those announcements are made.

Can I work on an art piece with a friend or a family member?

This is totally up to you, however, only one user name can be provided for the submission and only one person’s name will be identified if chosen as a winner. However, if you win tickets, the hope is that you will invite the person that helped with the design! Creative Allies is not responsible for ensuring that all parties get credit, or get shared money, etc.