Copyright Policy

We are looking for original content for each of our design contests or any other services we may ask you to provide.

You should not be submitting to Creative Allies any work using someone else’s creations without their express written permission.

By agreeing to this policy, you are indicating that the content you provide to Creative Allies  are your original work and you have not used any copyrighted material in your work.

Many content creators use others for inspiration. We are looking for original content. If it’s determined that your work is too similar to someone else’s work, it may not be approved or accepted. Creative Allies has full discretion on what work is approved or accepted.

In most cases, this includes stock photographs that may be licensed or available to use in the public domain. If we allow stock photographs for a specific purpose, that will be clearly stated to you.

If it’s determined that your work includes any copyrighted material, it will not be accepted or approved. 

Please respect the artwork and talent of others. Again, we are looking for original, authentic content only.